Sheringham Lifeboat

Wed 27th July 2016

Wed 27th July 2016

Whilst on a training exercise at sea, and at the request of Humber Coastguard, Sheringham Lifeboat was diverted to the beach at Weybourne to offer some timely advice and help to four persons (2 adults and 2 children) who were body boarding and swimming in the light surf.

Some people in the Military Museum at Muckleburgh (who were local to Weybourne) had seen the visitors and also noted the Lifeboat at sea and were concerned enough to phone the coastguard and suggest that the Lifeboat should intervene and advise the visitors that this particular beach was not suitable for these activities.

The Lifeboat crew spent some minutes speaking with and politely advising the visitors about the intrinsic safety of lifeguard managed beaches in the area where all activity can be observed.

This advice was well received and the lifeboat departed and continued its training exercise.