Sheringham Lifeboat

Thursday 1st August 2013

Thursday 1st August 2013

The Sheringham Lifeboat was launched at the request of Humber Coastguard at 17.36 hrs to go to the assiatnce of two yung perosn on a Jet Ski which had broken down approx 1 mile off Water Lane West Runton. The tide was on the last of the flood with a 3 knot easterly winf generationg a 1/2 metre swell.

The father of the casualties launched a Kayak and paddled out to try to help but was unable to re-start the craft and they decided to try to swim ashore.

The Lifeboat arrived on scene, assessed the situation, and collected the all three swimmers who were being taken away on the flood. With the three swimmers on board, the Lifeboat returned to the Jet Ski which by then was being blown a long way off; and then towed both the Jet Ski and kayak back to West Runton beach where the casualties were handed over to the coastguard to be de-briefed.

Fundamental Lesson – always stay with the craft.

Good service professionally undertaken.