Sheringham Lifeboat

Sunday 13th July 2014

Sunday 13th July 2014

The Sheringham Lifeboat was launched at 08.12 hrs and tasked to go to a position approx. one mile due north of Blakeney Fairway Buoy to rendezvous with 32’ Bermudan Rigged sailing boat whose engine would not re-start.

The boat was trying to enter to Blakeney Harbour before the ebbing tide became too low to cross the ‘bar’. The occupant thought his fuel might be contaminated.

Sheringham Lifeboat took the vessel on tow at 09.00 hrs and towed it into the ‘pit’ at Blakeney where it came safely to anchor at about 09.30 hrs.

The occupant took the sensible solution of requesting aid before his situation deteriorated further and became at serious risk