Sheringham Lifeboat

Tuesday 11th November 2015

Tuesday 11th November 2015

At 15.48 hrs HM Coastguard tasked Sheringham Lifeboat to proceed east about one mile to beneath Beeston Hill where a man had fallen on the low level apron of the seawall and fractured his ankle and was unable to stand or walk. This is a very remote location and there is no vehicular access.

The tide was coming in quite quickly and the Coastguard and Paramedic teams on site requested that the Lifeboat be used to evacuate the casualty to a safer position in the centre of town where he could be safely attended.

The casualty was strapped into the Lifeboat stretcher and carried through the surf to the lifeboat. He was then taken to the west Sheringham Fishermen’s beach where he was safely taken ashore and attended by the paramedics before being taken to hospital.

Good service professionally undertaken by all emergency services.