Sheringham Lifeboat

Saturday 4th July 2015

Saturday 4th July 2015

At 20.45 hrs at the request of Humber Coastguard the Sheringham Lifeboat was tasked to try locate a possible casualty who had a cardiac arrest either before or after falling down a cliff.

A group of young people walking along the beach had seen this person fall and dialled 999 and reported the incident. The orginal information given to the coastgaurd suggested the casualty was located to the west of the Lifeboat Station

The Lifeboat Crew initiated a westerly search but the coastgaurd quickly realised the orginal information was suspect and re-tasked the lifeboat and to search the cliffs to the east of the station.

On arrival on scene the Lifeboat searched the area, located the casualty who was now attended by a coastguard and ambulance team and stood by in case the casualty was required to be evacuated.

Because of the serious nature of the casualty, Humber coastguard decided to evacuate the casualty using 'Rescue 125' Sea King Helicopter' direct to hospital

Good service professionally undertaken with a good result.