Sheringham Lifeboat

Saturday 23rd July 2016

Saturday 23rd July 2016

At the request of Humber Coastguard Sheringham lifeboat was launched at 15.00 hrs to go to the assistance of the 6metre motor cruiser BLACK HAWK which had run aground at Salthouse after her engine had failed.

The lifeboat crew discussed the options with the local coastguard team on scene but as the cruiser was high and dry decided to two wait for the water to flow before taking her in tow.

She was eventually towed off the beach at 18.00 hrs and gradually towed toward Blakeney and over the bar into the pit where they waited for the tide to flow up the cut to Morston.

A local boat WHITE SPRAY offered to tow the casualty up the cut and the L/B handed over the tow at 19.25 hrs and returned to station.

Good service, as always professionally undertaken