Sheringham Lifeboat

The Crew

The true heroes of the RNLI.


Each crew member has a personal set of equipment worth over £500 which he is responsible for maintaining:

If you would like to become part of the crew please contact Brian Farrow (LOM, Lifeboat Operations Manager) or come down to the boathouse on a Wednesday evening from 7:30pm onwards, or Sunday morning from 10am onwards where you will recognise some of these ugly mugs.

All members of the Sheringham crew and the station officers shown below are volunteers.

Abbreviations shown below:

Crewmen & Crewwomen

  • David Hagan Senior Helmsman
  • Paul 'Stretch' Wheatland Dep Senior Helmsman
  • Chris Taylor Helmsman
  • Stephen Banks Helmsman
  • Missing photo Tony Webster Helmsman
  • Chris Wright Jnr Helm/Training Officer
  • Liam Cooper Crewman
  • Jamie Crisp Crewman
  • Paul Harding Crewman
  • Paul Pretty Crewman
  • Andrew Trend Crewman
  • Missing photo Keiren Spurling Trainee Crew
  • Missing photo Rob De'Licy Trainee Crew
  • Missing photo Danny Goose Trainee Crew
  • Missing photo Lewis Gray Trainee Crew
  • Kate Munro Trainee Crew
  • Jim Mack Trainee Crew
  • Missing photo Steve Price Trainee Crew

Shoremen & Shorewomen

  • Stephen Roberts Team Leader/Tractor Driver
  • Mark Herring Tractor Driver
  • Stephen Howes Tractor Driver
  • Adrian Hubbard Tractor Driver
  • Missing photo Graham Brennan Trainee Tractor Driver
  • Missing photo Martyn Jackson Tractor Driver/Trainer
  • Missing photo Craig Davies Shorehelper
  • Kevin Mann Shorehelper
  • Missing photo Ian Roper Shorehelper
  • Missing photo Paul Wadsworth Shorehelper


  • Ian 'Yogi' Dent Head Launcher
  • Bennett 'Fuzz' Middleton Assistant Head Launcher
  • Missing photo Nick Grice H&S Co-ordinator
  • Chris Ayers Boathouse Manager
  • Trevor Holsey DLA/Chair Ops Team
  • David Mann DLA/Stn Officer
  • Clive Rayment DLA/Training Co-ordinator
  • Brian Farrow LOM
  • Missing photo Sheringham Health Centre Lifeboat Doctor
  • Phil Hawes Chairman
  • Missing photo Tony Randall Hon Treas